Class Updates

A&P: The students have just completed their first lab practical over the bony landmarks in the skeletal system.  The purpose of the lab practical is to get students familiar with the different types of test formats that they may experience in college.  This month the class will look at different types of disorders and diseases that affect our bones. 

Biology: During the month of November the biology classes will be studying photosynthesis and cellular respiration.  The classes will investigate what factors influence the rate of photosynthesis and how cellular respiration functions with photosynthesis.  The classes will also be making yogurt to investigate fermentation.  

Chemistry: The chemistry class has been studying the unit of a mole.  They have learned how important the mole is to determining concentration of solutions and differences in dosages for medicines.  The students will soon be moving onto stoichiometry.  

Chemistry 2:  The Chem 2 students have started learning about the Kinetic Molecular Theory and phase changes.  The class will be making ice packs and different types of slime to investigate how important temperature is to states of matter.

Physical Science: Physical Science will be making Rube Goldberg contraptions.  The students will be working in groups to perform a single operation in 6 steps using at least 4 different simple machines.  The groups will also be creating PowerPoint that explain what each step is, what simple machine is being used, how much energy is being transferred, the speed at certain parts of the contraption, and how much work was done.    

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