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Art Class and Art Club are selling Fun Pasta for a fundraiser this year.  If you would like to help us out, you can contact a student or go to the link below to place an order.  We are raising money for a field trip and art supplies for a raku workshop in the spring. Any questions, please let me know.  Thanks for the support! 

Fun Pasta

Creating right along in the art room!!

I'm sharing a few photos on here, but there will be more in the photo gallery too.  

Kindergartners have moved on to a unit about Shape in art.  They have been working with flat shapes on the tables to create their own animals, people, building, robots and more. 


First grade made slab bowls with texture from clay.  They used tools to create patterns in the clay before we shaped them around a plastic cup.  Glaze was applied a couple of weeks later.  


Second grade is trying their had at a little sewing for their current project.  I made frame from burlap and popsicle sticks.  Students drew a pumpkin to use for a template and traced it onto the burlap.  We are now using a simple running stitch to add color to our pumpkins.     

Third grade is on to weaving their aliens to include in their spacescapes.  They are moving right along with the bodies of the aliens and will have them ready in no time!

Fourth grade is using their imaginations and creating a scene through a key hole.  They are imagining what could be on the other side of a secret door.  We working on creating depth inside the key hole.  They were also very excited to use the watercolor pencils on this one.  

Fifth grade just completed their coil pots - I am firing them in the kiln as I write this!  They practiced making coils in class the first day and we put them together to make 2 large bowls.  Look for them later on in the year at the art show!

Sixth grade will be starting a collaborative project with Stockton 6th graders.  Students have been paired up and will be creating 2 different prints -a colorful monoprint background and a detailed relief print of an insect.  Then students will be drawing the same insect as their partner in Stockton and will trade one print when we are all finished.  

The 2nd quarter 8th graders just started this week.  We are starting the quarter with a project done on Tinkercad and then printed on the 3-d printer.  Each student will create a tile with an interesting, balanced pattern.  Here are some examples from last quarter.  

High school is working with clay currently.  Slab boxes, coils and sgriffito!  All kinds of interesting techniques going on. Advanced art students were also helping to create some movie posters for the 5 & 6th grade operetta. 

 There is a new addition to the art room this year as well - a "Light Bright" peg board activity.  Thanks to my dad - aka Mr. Freese - for re-drilling all the holes when the golf tees wouldn't fit!!!

I think it's a hit!! 




Here are a few events to look forward to:
* 1/13-2/8 High School Art Show at Freeport Art  Museum
* 2/15-3/7  Collaborative Art Show with Stockton High School at Freeport Art Museum
* HCC District Juried HS Show - March 2020
* 2/28-5/2  Aspiring Artist Show at Freeport Art Museum 
* 4/2  Pearl City District Art Show 
* Raku workshop with Stockton High School at Pearl City - May 1st. 
* 5/23-6/13  K-11 Art Show at Freeport Art Museum

If you need to contact me, the best way is e-mail -  

Keep checking back to more updates on events and projects happening in the Art Department!

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