Computers 7

Computers 7 is a quarter exploratory course meant to help students build their keyboarding skill and accuracy along with helping them use computers as a learning tool.  EverFi online curriculum modules will help students increase their understanding of digital literacy and responsibility.

August and September Highlights:  We are working on building keyboarding accuracy and speed by completing online activities through  Class members are learning basic Microsoft Word skills through the creation of projects including an autobiographical life map activity.  The class also completed a "Good Turn Tuesday" project by designing, printing, and creating greeting cards that were sent to senior citizens in the Pearl City area.  We hope to continue this project throughout the year as a way to connect  to our community!  Thanks to St. John's Church in Pearl City for partnering with us on this project!  :)

October Highlights:  The start of a new quarter brought an energetic new group of 7th graders to the class.  We have begun the time together focusing on building keyboarding accuracy and speed, promoting digital literacy through online EverFi modules, creating simple Word and Publisher projects, and using the computer to complete simple online scavenger hunts.

November Highlights:  We completed a Good Turn Tuesday project by using Publisher to create "thinking of you" cards for PCHS graduate, Jason Kurth, who is now serving with the National Guard in Afghanistan.  In addition to building accuracy and speed in the area of keyboarding, the class also has been working on simple Word projects creating "for sale" flyers.

December Highlights:  We wrapped up the quarter with a variety of activities:  creating Christmas cards  using Publisher for local elderly residents, completing a set of EverFi financial literacy modules to become more familiar with online course delivery, and completion of two coding modules to give students an introduction to keying computer programming languages.  

This course was offered to 7th graders during the 1st and 2nd quarters of the 2019-2020 school year.
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