Megan Spahr

November 2019

Parent Involvement Night will be held on Wednesday, November 6th and will include dinner, presentation by a local author (Terri Reid), writing activities for the whole family, a photo booth, and more!  The theme will be "A Night of Mystery", so come join us for a fun-filled event! 
Some students continue their struggle to complete homework with this year's band and choir format.  Those who participate in those activities must complete homework at home or stay after school since they will not have a study hall.  Please check regularly with your teenager to remind them about homework completion.  Missing assignments make keeping favorable grades a difficult task.  I am available most days after school to assist with assignments and answer questions.  Please e-mail or call me if you have questions or concerns.

Dates to remember in November:
November 6th - Parent Involvement Night/"A Night of Mystery"
November 11th - Veteran's Day Celebration @ 9AM/Early Release @ 11:15AM
November 27th - Early Release @ 1:00PM
November 28th-December 1st - Thanksgiving Break