7th Grade Pre-Algebra
Welcome to our 7th Grade Pre-Algebra page! 

We are currently studying enVision Topic 2: Analyze and Solve Linear Equations. Here is an outline of the topics we will be covering!

1. Combine Like Terms to Solve Equations
2. Solve Equations with Variables on Both Sides
3. Solve Multistep Equations
4. Equations with No or Infinitely Many Solutions
5. Compare Proportional Relationships
6. Connect Proportional Relationships and Slope
7. Analyze Linear Equations: y=mx
8. Understand the y-intercept of a Line
9. Analyze Linear Equations: y=mx+b

Have you ever wondered how your parents knew which phone plan was the best deal? Why is is that store like American Eagle and Hollister are so insistent that you must spend at least $50 to qualify for free shipping? Why does your mom always buy toilet paper in bulk? Is she really saving that much money per roll by storing giant packs of toilet paper in the closet?

The problem solving and math skills we will develop in this unit will help you so these questions and more! That is why this unit is one of the most practical units that we will cover in prealgebra. So get excited people! And get ready to learn how to handle your money like the smarty-pants mathematician you are!

Here are some helpful resources that go along with this unit. Enjoy!