Algebra I
Welcome to our Algebra I page!

We are currently studying enVision Topic 3: Linear Functions! Here is an outline of the topics.

1. Relations and Functions
2. Linear Functions
3. Transforming Linear Functions
4. Arithmetic Sequences
5. Scatter Plots and Lines of Fit
6. Analyzing Lines of Fit

This topic is very foundational to the algebra. Understanding relations, functions, and the idea of what a one-to-one is is very important to higher levels of math (like your future Algebra II class!). This topic is not only crucial for those of you going into a STEM field like computer science, the topic also teaches us how to follow procedures, understand the deeper meaning of a coordinate plane, and think critically. These are important life skills for any career you will have in the future.

Here are some articles and online practice if you need some extra practice in this topic.