NHS National Honor Society

In the Spring of each school year, the guidance counselor will compile a list of sophomores, juniors, and seniors who meet the minimum grade point average of 3.5. This list will be provided to the chapter advisor.

Students who meet this GPA requirement and who are academically eligible will receive an informational letter about NHS, asking them to complete and return a form detailing their extracurricular activities and related community service experiences.Students will also need to submit 2 letters of reference in support of their application.  If students do not return a completed application by the posted deadline, they will not be considered for membership into NHS.

Students on the list who return the application form by the deadline will be reviewed by a panel of high school teachers who will be asked to review the students’ merits in regards to the pillars of NHS; including character, leadership, service, and scholarship. Students are not guaranteed membership based on GPA alone.


A faculty panel will vote on the merits of each applicant in order to determine membership.

The panel discussion will be kept confidential, in accordance with the rules of the National Honor Society.  The members of the faculty council are all volunteers and are not paid for their service to NHS.

After the selection process is completed, all applicants will be advised via a letter whether or not they were selected.

Membership will be contingent upon a student maintaining the minimum GPA, participation in meetings and service projects as determined by the group. Failure to maintain GPA or to participate in meetings and projects can be grounds for dismissal from NHS. 

An induction ceremony will be held during the month of May to induct new members as well as to say goodbye to senior members. Faculty and parents will be welcome to attend.