Monthly Update
Monthly Update for October

5th Grade Band -  The fifth grade band is off and running.  We have now started using our weekly practice log, and the work the students are putting in at home is really paying off.  We have been concentrating on our first 5 notes (Pages 6-8) and I really want the students to be solid on these before going on to other.  I am really looking forward to seeing these young musicians grow this year.  They are a enthusiastic bunch, and are eager to learn

6th Grade Band - The sixth graders are really building on the skills from last year.  We had a bit of a summer slump at the beginning of the year, but they are now back in the groove.  Continue to check in with them on how there practice outside of class is going.  Having them play their instrument for you will accelerate their progress.  We are starting to play harder and more challenging music, and this can cause some frustrations.  I have been challenging them to keep pushing themselves as we get ready for our December concert.

Junior High Band - The junior high musicians have made tremendous progress.  The 7th graders have really stepped up their game and are being encouraged by the eighth graders.  The students that are committed to putting in a few minutes each day of practice are blossoming.  If you have not seen the instrument come home - PLEASE ASK.  Our rehearsal time is much more productive if we can work on ensemble things and not teach notes to individual students.

High School Band - As Marching Band season is coming to a close, and we had an exciting season.  The highlight was the combined half time performance with the Eastland and Forreston bands.  There was 90 students on the field for Half Time!  I am happy to announce that this will become a annual event for our band.  We have now transitioned to Concert Band music.  We are a small band this year with only sixteen members.  This means that each player is vitally important to the success of this band.  There are not sections made up of many students so each players sound is more exposed.  Practice outside of our rehearsals is not part of many students routine.  I am encouraging to practice for 5 short minutes a day, and have made this practice a part of their grade.  With high school students busy schedules I am also encouraging them to use our Study Hall days to get their practice minutes in.  The additional advantage to practicing during study hall is that I am available to help them with any questions that arise as they learn the music.  Make sure they are checking the Google Classroom page for recordings of our songs as well as any additional info or announcements.