Class Updates

A&P: January brings in a new year and a new topic.  The students will dig into the muscular system and we will begin our cat dissection.  This dissection is optional, but each student will be required to take a test over identification.  To help everyone out and provide reference material the students will be making a model of the cat with layers into the muscles and organs.  

Biology: Biology will start the new year with new material.  The students will start a new process of investigating genetics through storylining.

Chemistry: The chemistry class has been working on mastering stoichiometry.  The first week of December they will take a test on stoichiometry.  The second week will consist of a lab and review for the final.  

Chemistry 2:  The Chem II students will start thermochemistry and will learn about enthalpy.  They will perform a calorimetry lab to investigate endergonic reactions and exergonic reactions.

Physical Science: Physical Science is starting the section on electricity.  The students will construct circuits and investigate alternate means of harvesting energy.   

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