Class Syllabus

Mrs. Fransen

Classroom expectations:  All students who are in any of my classes will be requested to enter the room with a positive attitude and a willingness to work hard.


 Students will have a new math series, Pearson Envision, this year.  There are many online assistances with this program, including a parent app to help understand the concepts taught that day.  Students will have daily assignments to be completed on their own, with their group, or with a partner. 


  Students will need to show all work neatly and in pencil when completing their math.


☺  Grading will be according to assignments:  homework and classwork will be worth 5-10 points,  in-class assignments, quizzes, and tests will be worth more depending on the difficulty of the problems.  The more steps to solve them, the more points it will be worth.   


Asking questions, and practicing the skills and concepts are the main ways students will learn.  Students to always do their best!!



☺  Students will be asked to journal write weekly, complete DOL daily, use sentence patterns to creatively write poems, papers, etc. and complete projects. 


☺  Grading will be according to the assignments given.  Homework will  be 5-10 points.   Projects, papers, etc. will be worth more depending on the difficulty.




☺  Students will be expected to read, read, read.  The more they practice reading, the better readers they become.  The students need to use different strategies to build comprehension skills- predict, use inferences, context clues, connections, etc.


☺  Students will have in-class reading in the textbook and connected articles to write responses to demonstrate comprehension.


☺  Students will have four different novels to read throughout the year.  They will be expected to complete the packet with activities, questions, etc. on time.   


☺  When writing any questions, essays, and papers, the students will be expected to write in cursive handwriting to practice this skill.



Science/Social Studies:


☺  Students will have different questions, projects, experiments, and papers to do for these classes.  Again, the written work will be in cursive handwriting to continue to practice this skill.


☺  Students will have a study guide to help with the different tests.



Please let me know if you have any questions relating to your student and/or your student’s work.  Communication is the key to keeping your student organized and prepared.




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